Two days until launch!

Hello everyone !

FINALLY…..The Birthday Genius is almost here !

We made it!

This coming Saturday on 14 December, we will be officially launching the The Birthday Genius live from Melbourne’s Federation Square.

this is us!

It’s been an interesting journey – when we started this out, we originally thought it would take us nine weeks – yep, NINE WEEKS to launch this mobile app. But then one by one things started to change. And days turned into weeks which turned into months…and after Facebook changed a few development guidelines, it almost looked like the app would never see the light of day !

Then there were the massive issues with testing. Something would work on one day, and then all of a sudden, that feature would no longer work. We’d find a way to fix the issue and then Apple and/or Android would release a major operating system change. I was often upset and gutted because we’d come so far, but there was always one little (or big) thing that held us back.

One by one & bit by bit, we have tackled each hurdle and I’m really proud that we found a way to work with it or in some cases, around it. And voila, The Birthday Genius is now done.

I’m really excited about Saturday because you’ll get to celebrate with us and you’ll finally get to see what the team have been working on the past year. Because this is a mobile phone app that helps you remember people’s birthdays, we figured that the best way to launch this type of thing would be to have one big birthday party. And at birthday parties you (of course) have cake….and balloons…and party games…and lots of fun.


Saturday marks a momentous milestone for The Birthday Genius, and I’d love you to come and celebrate this day with us….and for everyone who comes, you’ll be able to download The Birthday Genius for free. That’s right…for free !

Looking forward to seeing you at Federation Square…

Where is Fed Square?

Cheers, Krish.

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