Big Red was right

Hello all,

We have some very exciting news to share with you…

super excited!!!

super excited!!!

Earlier this week we successfully completed the Android version of The Birthday Genius. And for those who missed yesterday’s announcement via Facebook, we also completed the iPhone version. Two big wins !! Now we’re busily working to get the iPad version and also complete the Web version of the app and we’re really hoping to get this nailed by this time next week (…yes, I’ve said it). So with 46 days before we go live, we ‘could’ put the two completed versions on the the Google and Apple’s App Stores. Instead we are going to wait until all of the apps are completed and then launch them all together.

I can’t talk about apps without talking about this – one big thing that has happened in the world of mobile phones has been the launch of Apple’s new operating system, iOS7, and the release of Apple’s latest handsets, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. iOS7 was released less than a week ago and early reports are suggesting that the adoption rate is as high as 28% .  So I’m keen to learn whether this update will have an impact on the iPhone and iPad versions of The Birthday Genius. I can say that I am now one of the 28% who has downloaded iOS7 and I’ll put the versions through its paces this weekend.

Last week I posed a question about whether we should set a goal of downloads for Day One with the underlying question of whether this was the right metric to use. Instead we felt that delivering value should be our primary goal and this view was shared by a lot of you via my own Facebook wall. Whilst we got a wide range of download numbers (12-25, 75, 90, 146), one particular friend on mine said “I don’t think its the number of downloads really matters as opposed to the number of users. Users is what’s important”. And he’s absolutely correct (Ed: Yes Mike, I said you were correct)…

yup we can't believe it either.... "Big Red" was right!

yup we can’t believe it either…. “Big Red” was right!

You can influence people into downloading things, you can use banner ads, you can manipulate sales by dropping your price, and a whole range of other things…but ultimately people are not stupid and to treat them like they are, means you have a lack of respect for them. What you have to do is build engaging content, and that’s where the marketing team comes in.

In terms of the other numbers, people used a reasonable degree of logic – one based it on a % of Facebook followers, another used the rationale of “I’d expect at least 70% of your followers to *eventually* download the app….and  I’d expect about 5-10% of the 70% [to download on Day One]. That’s about 12-25′. I’m not saying the figures are correct, however that one comment got me thinking like a marketer. How could we increase the 70% & how could we increase the 5-10% ? This one reader, also suggested that this came down to the “hype you’ve generated within your followers”. So if you asked me whether marketing was an art form or a science, I’d say it was more of a science than an art form and a degree of luck (for the hype/virility). No wonder the marketing team are going crazy. What I can tell you is this : that there are nine different elements to the marketing…and if you’ve been following The Birthday Genius on Facebook, you’ll know what we’re planning to do as a launch activity.

Reality is though, if there isn’t enough engaging content then you have an uphill battle, and I saw this only a few months ago… I saw an Aussie-made app on Channel 9’s Today Show .  At the time I was like a deer in headlights, all the while thinking how well they did to get exposure on National TV. Whilst they had a great vehicle to get noticed, not many people have seemed to download the app…and I don’t understand why. The app itself is based on a great idea. So this has got me thinking about what decisions people make before buying an application.


So I’ll ask you : what decisions do you make before downloading an application ?

Cheers, Krish.

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