Should I set a goal of how many downloads I want to achieve, what happens if no one downloads?

Hello all,

Last week I told you that we wanted to launch this The Birthday Genius App on or by, 6 November. That’s two months away, right ? Oh holy crap…that’s only 53 days !


So whilst the development team has been chugging away at fixing all of the small bugs and the marketing team have been busily creating and refining the media strategies and content, I’ve been reviewing the overall strategy. And given that we’re getting close to launching, I’ve been thinking about goal setting and risk management – specifically, how many downloads to I want to achieve (and by what date) and what do I do if no-one downloads the app ?!

My primary motivator for starting this project was to keep people connected.  It initially started off as hobby that quickly turned into a business. But a business is only a business when it has customers, otherwise it is just a passion, which means that customers are important. And when I think about how many apps are downloaded each year (56 billion downloads projected for 2013), there’s a lot of apps to compete with. But whilst 56 billion is a large number, I was astonished to learn that 1 in 4 customers never give an app a second try – yep, only 26% of apps are only used once.

so many apps... how many do you use?

so many apps… how many do you use?

So much for first impressions. This slightly altered the way I was thinking. Here I was thinking purely about download volumes, all the while missing the bigger picture – it wasn’t just downloads that I wanted to achieve, I wanted to make sure that people were actually using the app. So whilst having a goal of X many downloads was important, the primary goal should be to deliver value and to keep people engaged in the app. To keep people engaged in the app, the app needs to work plus (in my view) the app needs to deliver features which are really neat.

But what if no-one actually downloads the app – what do I do then ?

insert head in sand...

insert head in sand…

Well, there’s probably a number of reasons why people are not downloading the app – and that’s where the real hard work begins again. Lots of questions need to be asked : is the app getting lost amongst the 20,000 other apps being launched that particular month, is the app being used by the people who downloaded it, is the app delivering any actual value, is the price-point too high ? There are so many avenues to explore, but it does mean that the team needs to be responsive to the feedback and flexible to amend the app and/or marketing promotions.

So that aside, what I have done is set myself the long-term goal of breaking-even within 12 months –

What other realistic goals do you think I should set for The Birthday Genius ? How many downloads do you think we will get on Day One ?

Speak soon, Krish.


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