Final touches are finally being made… do I call it or don’t I?!

Hello all,

We’ve officially passed the one year mark since this venture started. Woohoo…I think. But where the hell is this app ?

I’m sure you’ve heard me say numerous times that we’re in the home straight, that testing is close…but now I’m going to put it out there and say that I want to launch The Birthday Genius before my own birthday. That’s right guys, you read it here first – I want to launch The Birthday Genius on, or by 6 November. 



So with just over two months to go before we launch what are some of the things that the team and I need to focus on now ?

Let’s go back to basics – the development team are working on the app itself, let’s check in with the marketing team and what they’ll be doing :


marketing isn't that hard.... right?

marketing isn’t that hard…. right?

As a result of this project, I now have a good understanding of what marketing actually means. Whilst some argue that it’s more art than science, I believe the opposite is true and that in marketing, a significant portion is within your control. (Ed – it kinda helps that I have a marketing expert near by). With that in mind, the marketing team will be ramping up their efforts to get The Birthday Genius known. What this means is that they’ll be continuing to create engaging content on all of the social medias, getting in touch with app reviewers and creating media/press kits. They’ll also be working on the media (both copy and images) that go into the app stores.  Add to that SEO…and contrary to popular belief getting this right takes time and effort.

The marketing team will also be focusing on what we do on the day of the launch. More on that later…


Just like selling lemonade!

Just like selling lemonade!

Setting a price point for The Birthday Genius was always going to be challenging. Do I launch the app for free, or do I charge for the app? If I did it for free, how would I possibly recoup the investment I’ve made. If I did charge, what would the price be ? Each option has a number of pros and cons, instead we believe we’ve come up with a unique proposition which we’ll reveal very shortly!

New Versions

You can do as much testing as possible and try to get your app as perfect as it can be…however users will still have issues. Whether it is their handset, operating system, user error or app error, there will always be bugs that need to be fixed. It is potentially foolish to believe that your app will be perfect on day one. Add to that, not having a plan to fix bugs as soon as possible is perhaps even more foolish.  What we’re doing is making sure we have the right processes in place to listen to user feedback and respond quickly with newer versions of the app if issues are found.

New Features

Because I’ve lived and breathed this for the past 12 months, it is difficult to test the app without thinking “oooh, it would be even better if the app had X, Y or Z features”. That said, our mandate has been get the app off the ground and then build on it. One new feature that I’ll share/hint at is this – right now the app is catered for English speaking users – it is after all the most common language spoken in the world. But what about other languages ?

نابغه تاریخ تولد - The Birthday Genius in Farsi!

نابغه تاریخ تولد – The Birthday Genius in Farsi!

It’s very easy to get carried away with what we could and should do. So back on point… now that we’ve put it out there, the countdown to 6 November begins.

Calling it!!

Calling it!!

Stay tuned for updates on how we’re progressing towards our target.

Cheers, Krish.

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