Testing, testing, 123…but what the heck do I do?

Happy New Year!

Over the Christmas and New Year break I have had quite a few people ask about The Birthday Genius app, wanting to know when it’s going to be available. It excites me A LOT that people want to see it, because it proves they already know that it’s going to help them out.

Instead of on Christmas Day, I got my Christmas present a few days early – a copy of the iPhone version of the app. The challenge for me was that I didn’t have an iPhone; I’m an Android user. So after getting a loan iPhone, I installed The Birthday Genius app and voila…. there it was. This was the moment I had been craving for the past few weeks.

Early Christmas presents...they're always the best, right?

Early Christmas presents…they’re always the best, right?

I finally saw my idea come to life. And it looked exactly how I wanted to it to look.

The last bit of input into development was the visual designs. I’d already given the development team the list of features I wanted; I also gave them a good scope (ahem, I am a project manager after all). The app was everything I asked for – it looked hot. No, it looked sexy. Okay, maybe I was just a little bit excited.

Testing it over the past few days has been interesting – there are the good days and then the challenging days when the app does things that you don’t expect it to. But I’m not an app tester. I have no idea about app testing. So I did what I thought to be the next best thing – use the app like I thought it should be used. Since I had worked on this for a while, I had envisioned my app to work a certain way – I had an emotional attachment.

However, the developers had found better ways of doing things.

In my mind I thought, “Nope, I want it this way”. But then I realised I was most likely over thinking things again. To get over this, I focused on what the end user would want and suddenly everything became clear again. Winning!

So at the end of it all, there are a few minor things that need to be fixed, but on the whole, I’m excited because I can see that we’re on the homestretch and that it’s only a matter of weeks before The Birthday Genius goes live. Even though the app could be released right now (yes, true story), I want to make sure that we’ve fixed the small things and given this our best shot. I don’t ever want to release something knowing that it isn’t the best we could do, so if that means delaying something to fix tiny things, then we should delay it. First impressions count, right?

Next will be beta testing – enter your name and email address in the comment box below for your chance to be ONE of FIVE people to help test The Birthday Genius!

Add your name and email address to the comment box below for your chance to receive a limited edition beta version of the app!

Add your name and email address to the comment box below for your chance to receive a limited edition beta version of the app!


  1. naomialdred · · Reply

    Naomi Aldred… njaldred@nexuscg.com.au

  2. Jo Ryan-Lamb · · Reply
  3. I would like to be apart of the beta testing!
    Name: Lauren
    Email: lauren.agar@gmail.com

  4. Jason Hudson · · Reply

    Looking forward to it!

  5. I would like to be apart of the beta testing!
    Name: Sheila

  6. Jessica Buhagiar · · Reply


    1. Jessica Buhagiar · · Reply
  7. Charlotte Virgo · · Reply

    Charlotte Virgo

  8. shaun joseph

  9. Would love to be part of the excitement!!

  10. Hey Krish, happy to be a beta tester if chosen! I have experience with interface design and user experience evaluation.

    Running android on a galaxy s2.


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