Week 5 – Stuck in a rut, or just having a bad day?

<start rant>

I really should have thought this through. I asked for suggestions on what I should call my app and got a tonne of responses. Some of them were really clever, and that’s where the problems started. I started to over-analyse again. I went to my friends and family to talk it over with them and they only confused me even more.  They also got upset because I didn’t choose their suggestions. And over beer and wine we would think of other ideas. This was perhaps my first problem – group decision making. I had too many people giving me input about ‘my baby’. And I could see how this was affecting me. I was completely confused. Here I was one week earlier being decisive and now I couldn’t even give my app a name. I likened it to naming a child, after all, this would be the name I would stick with.

This really got me down because I had hit a brick wall. I would like to think that I am a problem solver. But to get stuck on a simple problem of naming something… well, it’s kind of foolish, isn’t it? In fact, silly is how I feel. And so I told my marketing team about how silly I felt. Whilst they sympathised with me, they also wanted to hit me over the head. It turns out that there is a bit of science to this marketing caper. The team then told me about how they analyse key demographics, understand trends and review key words, and then come up with suggestions on names that are going to work with my key market. Ah, so that’s what marketing involves, they’re a bunch of social scientists! As a result, we now have a name for the app. It’s called ‘The Birthday Genius” which I think sounds awesome. And would you believe there’s now a Facebook page set up for it too. You can visit it here

But whilst we have a name and Facebook page for the app , the whole project seems to be moving a little slowly. The development team are still busily working away, and whilst I get weekly updates from the team, it feels like that’s moving slowly because I haven’t seen any tangible products. So, I’m feeling a little frustrated because I’m used to things happening all the time. I’m a results person and when I don’t see results, I start to get a little shitty. Man I need to chill out! And the worst bit is that because I’m feeling shitty, I’m making some not-so-bright decisions and it’s stopping me from thinking clearly; it’s affecting other parts of my life. Not to mention that at times, I’m also making the people around me shitty too! (My partner tells me that often)

So I thought about that a little. I wondered what else was making me feel this way. Like my body, I know how I physically feel when I eat or drink too much. Maybe I was filling my head with negativity. And then it hit me, I was surrounding myself with one or two really negative people. Oh here’s the kicker, these ‘negative people’ are also my mates. Realising this hurt. These were my buddies who I could usually bounce ideas from and I didn’t even realise this, but they were filling my head with crap. And crap breeds crap. So as I lay awake in bed earlier this week, I made an executive decision not to buy into their crap. I don’t quite know how to stop it just yet… maybe I just need to stop talking to them for a while. I just don’t know.

<end rant>

What keeping me going is looking at the actual app designs – looking at these layouts keeps me sane and keeps me motivated !

iPhone app the birthday geniusiPad app- The Birthday Genius

I need something else to take my mind of this otherwise I’m going to go a little crazy. Am I stuck in a rut, or just having a bad day?

My biggest learning lessons for this week were:

  • Patience – patience is a virtue, and it is something that I need to work on.
  • Decision Making – by all means consult others for advice, but then go with your gut and make the decision yourself.
  • Review your environment – are you surrounded by positive or negative people? Are the people around you genuinely wanting you to succeed? If you can’t answer this, or you don’t like your answer, maybe it is time to review who you hang around with. And don’t put it down to constructive criticism- these people are draining you of your happiness.
  • Reflection – take some time out at the end of each day to reflect on what is going on in your world. Ask yourself whether you would have done anything differently if you had your time over again. Are you indeed stuck in a rut, or just having a bad day?

Here’s the funny part – I already know this stuff but I’m so engrossed in this project that, at times, I can’t think clearly. So it is handy to reflect on this once in a while!

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