Week 1: “Application Development Is For Dummies,” they said.

Hi I’m Krishna, I’m from Melbourne… and I had no idea about mobile application development, until now. Well, about a month ago actually.

Like most people, I’ve had some ideas that thought could make me money. Most of my ideas were really crappy. Actually, all of my ideas were crappy.  But then sitting in my cousin’s basement in Toronto, I had an idea that got me excited. Let me tell you a little about this crazy idea…

After finishing university, I decided to travel and explore the world. Maybe, just maybe, I was running away from my parents who put the hard word on me to start thinking about settling down after finishing uni (sorry mum).

I backpacked for 8 months and went to some of the oddest locations in the world. In doing so I met some really amazing people. At the same time, being in remote communities, I had challenges staying connected to my family, friends and newfound travel buddies who were located all over the world. Despite having Facebook and Skype to help me stay in touch, I found that I was becoming more and more disconnected because I couldn’t check Facebook often enough (how’s that for strange?). As a result I kept missing and forgetting important things, and in an age of being so interconnected, I found myself being so disconnected from people.

This was pissing me off because my friends and family started to think that I was a shit friend for not knowing about, or remembering things. To them, it was as if I was deliberately doing that, or just plain lazy. But I wasn’t. It’s kind of funny because in reality I’m a little bit of a control freak- I just didn’t have an internet connection to check Facebook, that’s all. And when I did have a connection, I was organising my transport and accommodation, not ‘checking in’ to see who had uploaded whatever on to Facebook.

But then I thought, “Wait, surely there’s an app for that?” Well, actually there wasn’t. And that’s where my idea in the basement came from. I could create an app that could help people organise themselves and stay connected with their families and friends so they would never be a shit friend again. And at the same time, it would help me remember important things and do something about it in advance. No longer would I need to connect every day. So this was my goal – to keep people connected.

And that’s where it all started.

So when I came back home to Melbourne and told my friends that I was going to create an app, some were incredibly supportive. I had friends who said I could make a real success of this. “You’ll make millions and millions,” they said. We all have friends like this, who are blindly optimistic and try to stick away from offering constructive advice. I also had friends who were quite negative about it – “What the heck do you know about app development, you’re a project manager. Stick to what you know!” We all have friends like this too who are always filling our heads with negative crap. And one friend even gave me the book, “iPhone Application Development For Dummies” (I’m still not sure how to take that).

Everyone had an opinion on whether I should or shouldn’t develop an app. I had heard some of these things multiple times, and it’s true – I’m a project manager and I have no experience with app development apart from the fact that I’ve downloaded a truckload of apps on my phone. One of the best pieces of advice was this – just because I thought I had a good app idea didn’t actually mean that it was a workable app idea, and it certainly didn’t mean that people would buy the app in the first place.

Question: How could I do this?

Answer: Run a survey asking for opinions. So that’s exactly what I did… I ran a survey.

Stay tuned for the next update on how my survey went!


Here are my tips for getting your application started:

  1. Check to see whether someone has already beaten you to your idea – check the app stores.
  2. If another app already exists, understand why and how your app is going to be different from theirs.
  3. Survey the market (and not just your friends). Just because you have a good idea doesn’t mean people actually need it. Just because they need it doesn’t mean they actually want it. And just because they want it doesn’t mean they will actually pay for it.

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